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It's all a matter of R&D. Turbocoating keeps on investing in these activities to maintain the leading edge of the technology.

Turbocoating R&D Dept. offers specialized consulting in the field of Surface Treatments as well as Thermal Spray processes.
Turbocoating will increase your manufacture performances, developing a coating suitable for the surface characteristics and the component application.

Our in-depth materials and coatings knowledge and our three decades' experience can enhance your competitiveness. The research activities results also in more than 70 papers published on international conferences and technical congresses.

Continuous investments technologies to support the newest engine design requirements

  • high commitment in R&D
  • capability to build own engineered equipments by means of ARTEC controlled company
  • strong process knowledge allows to design ad hoc equipment
  • capability and knowledge in the equipments design facilitate process optimization and robustness
  • well developed net for technology acquisition